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Recent Projects

   Ad Libitum

Our bachelor project is a single player open world adventure game made with Unity3D. The player's goal is to find their way through an island world which is divided between those who fight for their free will and those who are content with Fate deciding for them.

Each quest demands a choice whether the player will solve it in favor of Fate, who rules as a god over the island, or in favor of the rebels, who resist Fate. Each choice affects the world and the story while the player is faced with peculiar characters, moral dilemmas, monsters, spirits and an ultimate fight.

Travel to Hopena Island and explore as Mani. Meet the inhabitants of the island. There is no good, no evil, no right, no wrong. There is just your choice. And the consequences.
Can you face them?

Poster: Ad Libitum Logo
Poster: Ad Libitum Characters
Ad Libitum Main Character Mani

   The Color of Sound

A project I did for my Interactive Media class. This sketch done with Processing basically takes your laptop microphone's input and runs a frequency analysis, mapping amplitude to brightness and frequency to color hue.
Thus, you get colorful visuals which vary depending on that kind of sound you feed it - different styles of music, noise, different voices talking, etc.
There are three visual modes: Frequency spectrum, Bubbles and Cubes - all of them move according to the input.

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

Screenshot The Color of Sound, Bubble mode

The Color of Sound: Bubble Mode

   BZH (Bilder zum Hören)

A video project I did with four of my university colleagues themed "The Sound of Images".
Our interpretation was to remix a song, program audio-reactive visuals using Processing and Quartz Composer, project our visuals onto stage smoke and circus artist Anna Golovko, and build a music video from the footage.